Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 2015

I just get to the point where I decide I've finished blogging and then get tempted back so that I can remember the little details down the road...

Often after bedtime, when he should be trying to sleep, M4 will peek out his window at a bunny nibbling on clover in our yard. Now if the bunny is there we'll hear, "My friend bunny is here! I'm going to watch my friend bunny!" This morning we were playing outside and a bunny hopped into our neighbor's yard. M4 said, "My friend bunny!" Although he was sad to hear that the bunny wouldn't come over an play with us.

He's on day 3 of undies. We have a stretch of time at home here with less going on and that doesn't happen very often. So far we seem to just be proving why toddlers wear diapers.

M3 had her kindergarten physical yesterday. About 25% for weight and 60% for height. Our doctor, whom we liked a lot, has left and we tried a new doctor yesterday. I'm not sure if we were a good fit, but I've heard good things about her. She referred us to a cardiologist for a heart murmur that our previous doctor never mentioned, so I guess after that I'll have a better idea of my opinion of her!

M3 did really well with her appointment. She is so well spoken for her age and, in realizing we didn't have any concerns about diet or sleep, a pretty easy going kid. She knew she'd get a shot (MMR this time) and was not too concerned. The nurse had me hug her during the shot and asked M3 to count to 10. The injection happened on 3 and M3 suddenly turned bright red, looked so surprised and hurt, and almost started crying. Then she continued on with a wavery 4 - 10 before letting out a wail. She recovered quickly and was fine after that. I think she forgot how shots felt!

Blogging is probably winding down for me. I need to find a better way to record the little details, other than Facebook. I would love to do vacation posts and milestone posts again and remember my impression of our days, but I'm less interested in blocking out the time it takes to compose my thoughts and have less time anyway. Also, the older kids are getting too old for me to share my thoughts about them as easily. This has turned into space for M3 and M4, which is fine, but feels incomplete when the older two are often amazing me too.

I read an interesting article about parenting teens. A line has stuck in my head from the article, "Children are characters in the family story we tell — until, one day, they start telling it themselves." I notice a shift in M.G. While M3 and M4 and most of the time M2 surprise me and do unique things, I still can predict the general arc of their behavior and reactions. Sometimes M.G. will say something and I will realize that she is her own person going off in her own directions. When I share my thoughts about her I feel like I'm betraying her privacy and I can no longer easily relate her impression of family events and feel truthful. So, we'll see. 

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Summer said...

For the private thoughts/moments and also general remembering I've taken to do a one-sentence journal almost nightly. I just keep it in a document and write from my phone which is easy. It's less onerous than thinking I've got to sit down and write out a story or capture everything; and it's enough that it will hopefully jog the memory decades down the line. I blog a lot right now but already have thought of when and how it will taper. If and when I stop or slow that I may add pictures into my document as I write.