Friday, July 31, 2015

Talking with M4

M4 has been a chatty little guy lately. He wants to be in on all the conversations and has a lot to say now.

Every once in a while M.G. thinks it is funny to ask for a mix of liquid and frozen H2O in her glass. M4 picked up on this and often mentions how "Rebecca calls ice frozen H2O" or he'll ask for frozen H2O in his glass and then has to make sure I understand he's talking about water.

He is at the age where he knows that knock-knock jokes are supposed to be funny, but still has no idea why. So he'll walk up to me and give it a shot.

M4: "Knock-knock. Who's there?"
Me: "Mama?"
M4: "What sort of Mama are you?"
Me: ?????

I've tried breaking it down for him, but it hasn't caught.

M4 has started to be a little sneaky, whether or not it is intentional. He was in trouble for head butting his sister and while in time-out was crying because he was in trouble when really her head had hit his head. Later he was trying to convince me that Papa had taken a train away from him when he was trying to play with it. Of course, in reality, he'd taken the train from someone else and Papa was trying to put things right.

The older three were at vacation bible school this week and M4 and I had a lot of fun on our own during the mornings. He and I were playing a game and when we finished he jumped up and did a little celebration dance. It was adorable and fun to see his personality come through a little more when he's not looking up to the bigger kids.

In other news, we have three weeks of summer vacation left before the school year starts. I'm trying to stay calm and just enjoy the time, but it will be gone in a flash. M3's kindergarten backpack and lunch box arrived yesterday and she's SO excited.

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