Thursday, October 15, 2015

More talking with M4

M4 and I were sitting on the couch, after reading books together, and one of the covers of Three Little Birds ("Don't worry, about a thing, 'cause every little thing is going to be alright.") came on the Pandora kids' channel. I was singing along and M4 kept stopping me.

He said, "Wait, what is wrong? Why is he worried? Is he hurt?"

I tried to say that the song was telling us not to worry, to be peaceful, but the next time the chorus came along he said, "I don't like this song. I don't know why he is worried."

The kids, before a certain age, have all really enjoyed pushing any of the accessibility buttons for opening doors in public places. Once you hit the button the door swings open very slowly, making it less convenient when you are just trying to get into a place. We have run into trouble with kids racing to press the button, pushing each other out of the way, or the new problem of one child nagging at another to be sure not to press the button.

In general, these buttons cause some irritation and I try to get them all in the habit of leaving the buttons alone.

M4 and I go to music time at the library once a week now that the big kids are in school. Of course he feels like a big helper pushing the door-opening button and I've been trying to work on reminding him to let me open the door.

M4: (After I asked him to let me open the door.): "Who gets to push this? Why is it for?"

Me: That button is for people who have trouble opening the door. If they need to go to the library, but have trouble pushing the door open, they can use it.

M4: The door is too big for me to open. The button is for me.

Since then I've been focusing on our everyday rule of not running ahead of me. When we get to the door  I try saying a polite, "Let me open the door for you." If he wants to open the door for me I say thank you.

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