Friday, November 11, 2016

Archiving all of these memories

I miss blogging - I miss having the time to put posts together and I miss the kids being in the stages where I felt comfortable blogging about them. This blog has been sitting here, waiting for me to decide what to do with all the years of thoughts.

We found a great website, BlogBooker, that quickly and easily scoops it all up and puts it in very nicely formatted documents - PDF or document files. I tried the free plan for now and am creating lovely PDFs of the blog. I hope to later go back, buy a plan, and use the document files + the higher resolution photos to create actual edited books to print. But seeing the size of just one year of posts... that plan is on the back burner for now!

A very neat feature of the PDF files is a table of contents with clickable links that bring you to individual posts. Hyperlinks are also preserved. I've wanted to keep my blog backed up and in my control and being able to still surf it like a website is a great touch.

Now I'm off to page through some of those memories from years ago.

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